4 Things You Didn’t Know AmpMe Could Do 🔊💃🔥

Ever find yourself wondering what else can AmpMe do? Well wonder no more, because we’ve got you covered 🙌

1. Chat with your party members 🗣 👥

Hear some music that’s awesome and wanna share the love? Let the host know! AmpMe’s chat feature lets you talk with all the party members and debate the merits of Taylor Swift’s new music IMG_2454

To chat:

Join or start a party and send a message! It’s THAT simple 😄

NOTE: Worried all your friends won’t be able to join the party? Well… don’t! AmpMe can now support HUGE parties 😁  In fact, this past May we supported more than 25,000 people syncing up to celebrate MTL’s 375th Anniversary

2. Connect with FB, and get notified if one of your friends (from anywhere in the world) starts a party 💃💃💃

FOMO no more! If you sign into AmpMe with Facebook, you will get a notification whenever one of your Facebook friends starts a party with AmpMe. You can party with all your friends anywhere, anytime and don’t have to worry about missing out.

FB not

To enable connecting with Facebook friends:

Just sign in with Facebook when you download the app, and remind your friends to do the same 😍

3. Connect with bluetooth speakers 🔊📱🔊📱🔊

Want to turn the party waaaaaaay up?! Each party member can connect their phone to a separate bluetooth speaker, and together you can create a surround sound speaker system. Who needs Sonos when you have AmpMe?


To use bluetooth speakers with AmpMe:

  1. Have each member of the party, or those who are able to, each connect to a bluetooth speaker *NOTE: Each phone can only connect to ONE bluetooth speaker
  2. The host starts the party
  3. The guests join
  4. Done! Now you can enjoy surround sound

4. Host an offline party using Offline Mode 🚫📶🚫

Calling all Android users: ever find you don’t have a good internet connection…but still want to host a party with your friends. Wait no more! All you have to do is enable Offline Mode.

offline mode

To enable offline mode:

  1. Start a party with your local library
  2. Go to party settings, the gear icon at the top right hand corner
  3. Enable “Offline Mode”
  4. Enable “Hotpost”
  5. Voila! Your friends can now find your party in discovery mode and join your offline party

You can also check out this helpful graphic, to walk you through step-by-step.

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