AmpMe CEO Pens Article for Entrepreneur Magazine

1413842518-entrepreneur-logoIn his first ever contributed article for Entrepreneur Magazine titled, “How to Keep it Real While Building Your Network,” AmpMe CEO Martin-Luc Archambault breaks down the art of networking for the entrepreneurial minded audience. Martin-Luc outlines concrete steps that helped him to build AmpMe into what it is today.   Here’s a brief synopsis:

It’s crucial to surround yourself with individuals that have diversified interests and skill-sets that can bring value to you and your business. That’s where networking comes into play.

Starting from scratch.
Build your network as soon as possible. No contacts, no network, no community — ultimately results in no funding and nothing to build upon. This is why it’s essential to lay a solid networking foundation for yourself and your idea.

Building quality by combining business and pleasure.
My best connections are based on authentic and meaningful interactions so it’s critical that you get to know somebody for who they truly are and establish that common ground. Take the time to learn about their passions, their life goals and figure out what it is that really lights a fire in their eyes.

Karma is real.
What’s benefited me most is the concept that you must be prepared to give before you get. When you’re just starting out on any project you can expect an asymmetrical relationship at first.

Be human.
I try to take a personal interest in my contacts. It’s always fun to bond with fellow entrepreneurs since they can relate to my crazy lifestyle — family, friends, AmpMe, investments and personal time.

Treat people like people and how you would want to be treated, regardless of the situation. If you remember that they’re relationships and not transactions, you’ll get what you need to succeed. Be yourself, keep it real and get yourself out there and have fun. 


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