AmpMe Integrates Sonos Home Sound System

Today is the day that AmpMe supercharges the home listening experience.  Anyone armed with a Sonos and just their phone now has the power to expand the party like never before.  We’ve spent the summer building the capability for anyone to connect their Sonos Home Sound System to an unlimited number of bluetooth speakers.  Goodbye eardrums…

Here’s how it works: Sonos owners can now connect the AmpMe app to their  AirPlay 2 capable Sonos speakers and leverage the synchronization aspect of the app to pair their Sonos speakers to other phones and Bluetooth speakers. Connecting the best speakers together to create a premium party is easy; the smartphone automatically detects nearby parties as well as syncs to any connected Bluetooth speaker already paired to an AmpMe enabled device.  

AmpMe CEO Martin-Luc (and proud owner of a ridiculous number of Sonos speakers) said, “We want to make premium users better able to leverage their amazing hardware, which is why we’re thrilled to have integrated the ability for anyone with a Sonos Home Sound System to take part in the AmpMe experience of syncing an unlimited number of non-Sonos speakers to their Sonos Sound System to create the best party possible.”

So as you plan your end of summer BBQs, think AmpMe + Sonos together and crank it up to 11.

The AmpMe Team