The Guy That Makes Everything Look Good

MEET JOSH: THE GUY THAT MAKES THINGS LOOK GOOD! ?? ? ?? ? ?? Meet Josh; our House lovin’, Heady Topper drinkin’, after-hour dancing, Vermonter, UI/UX Designer extraordinaire a.k.a. “The Guy That Makes Things Look Good”. Not only does he make everything look awesome, but he’s also a total inclusivity champion. He’s always looking to make sure that each voice gets […]

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Riana the Sweetest Team Player!

Sweet, kind, caring, thoughtful, helpful, attentive, reliable, and more… That’s our one and only Riana! Although she is discreet in nature, she also has a wild side. As a matter of fact, did you know that she’s jumped off a bridge in New Zealand – twice? (Shhh! Don’t tell anyone. She was underage, too. ?) She […]

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AmpMe Celebrates its +1

We launched AmpMe one year ago and have since poured our time and energy into transforming a dream into reality. Millions of downloads, millions of dollars raised – (what feels like) millions of conversations to make millions of decisions – all made possible by you. Without our champions both around the world and working hard at […]

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Say Hi to Ali, Lead Hustler!

 Meet Ali a.k.a Kadavi a.k.a KD Extravert, hustler, social butterfly, kind, smiley, prankster, helpful, determined… All of these adjectives  describe Ali. Word on the street is, if you haven’t heard about Ali, you ain’t been on the street. Even Kevin Hart, knows Ali. This guy hustles so hard, he don’t even take time to sleep. […]

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