We set a new world record

[Français ci-dessous] AmpMe Makes History We did it— we set a world record everybody! Last night was Montreal’s 375th anniversary and for the occasion, we joined forces with Moment Factory to offer Montrealers a unique musical experience! Together, we set the world record for the largest number of mobile devices playing synchronized music at the […]

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AmpMe x Unsplash 💥

AmpMe x Unsplash 💥 [English Below] Nous sommes excités d’annoncer une nouvelle collaboration avec Unsplash, une immense communautée de photographes fondée à Montréal. Jamais entendu parler de Unsplash? C’est un site web qui partage des photos prises par ses utilisateurs. Toutes les photos sur Unsplash.com sont sans droit d’auteurs et sous la licence Creative Commons Zero […]

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Break a World Record with us 💥

Aidez-nous à établir un record mondial 🌎 Chez AmpMe, nous adorons relever des défis, et croyez-nous, celui-ci en est tout un! Le 17 mai prochain, à 21h45, lors du spectacle inaugural de l’illumination du pont Jacques-Cartier à Montréal, nous vous invitons à établir un NOUVEAU RECORD MONDIAL du plus grand nombre d’appareils mobiles jouant une musique synchronisée […]

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AmpMe x Moment Factory = LIT ✨

AmpMe x Moment Factory = LIT ✨ MTL375, Montreal, Illumination du pont jacques-cartier, Moment Factory, AmpMe, [ENGLISH BELOW] AmpMe x Moment Factory? Vous avez bien lu! Nous avons uni nos forces afin de vous offrir un spectacle mémorable lors de l’inauguration de l’illumination du pont Jacques-Cartier. Ce mercredi 17 mai marquera le 375e anniversaire de la ville de Montréal. […]

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Meet David, our kick-ass CFO!

MEET DAVID: Our kick-ass CFO! Entrepreneur, confident, accomplished, hard-working, perseverant are all words that describe David incredibly well! As conservative as he can be in his work ethics, David has a funky side… A.K.A his funky socks! You will not see him wearing a suit without his funny, colourful and very original socks.  Although David is […]

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AmpMe x Spotify

You asked, we listened! We’re happy to announce that you can now use Spotify on AmpMe. It’s music to our ears, and I’m sure it is to yours as well. Now go ahead and hit that play button! New in today’s update: 👉 Connect, sync and play music using Spotify Premium with your friends 👉 […]

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Riana the Sweetest Team Player!

Sweet, kind, caring, thoughtful, helpful, attentive, reliable, and more… That’s our one and only Riana! Although she is discreet in nature, she also has a wild side. As a matter of fact, did you know that she’s jumped off a bridge in New Zealand – twice? (Shhh! Don’t tell anyone. She was underage, too. ?) She […]

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Summer Jam Series: Wild & Free

Yay! It’s officially summer! School is officially out, the sun is shining; it’s time to let loose and party! To kick off your first week of summer holidays, we thought it would only be fair to share a fun summer-inspired playlist to get you hyped! Stay tuned because we’ll be sharing a new playlist every […]

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