Chillin’ with AmpMe in Playa Del Carmen

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Yes. We’re serious! Ask Josh, our amazing Designer. He’s one of our recent hires who actually benefited from the nice AmpMe all-inclusive vacation down South. (Yes, you read that correctly…) AmpMe paid to send him on a nice getaway so that he could come back refreshed and ready to hit the ground running. Pretty cool, right?! Enough with the intro. Let’s hear how Josh enjoyed his vacay!

?Josh Take the Floor…

Music is a huge part of my life. So when I started talking with the team at AmpMe about joining, it seemed like a great fit: here was the opportunity to join a team, building a killer product that focuses on something I care deeply about.

As a new recruit, I took advantage of an amazing team promotion to take a week paid vacation to anywhere I wanted to go. Luckily I got to bring my amazing girlfriend with me as well.

? Music capital of the Yucatan ?

Enter Playa Del Carmen. This place had been on my radar for a while. From the white sandy beaches, crystal clear Caribbean waters, and vibrant techno and house music scene, I knew it would be right up my alley. I had heard a lot about the various music festivals and laid-back people that live there. We decided to make it our destination.

The wifi at the @ampmeapp office was a little spotty today ?

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The week we spent was amazing. We took the time to do a number of awesome excursions like jet skiing in the blue-green waters, snorkeling amongst reefs, swimming in cenotes and visiting some of the ancient Mayan sites around the peninsula. ?

Chicken Pizza

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Last week after ripping some jet skis with @shayzilda, it was time for some music on @ampmeapp over a cold cerveza.

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But of course one of my big targets was to check out this music scene and see what I could bring back and learn from it. We danced at The Blue Parrot to some deep, booming techno. We chilled on the beach listening to some laid-back house music at Mamita’s Beach Club. We also met up with some new friends for a rooftop pool party while some amazing DJs spun tracks over the sunset.

We got caught in the rain a couple times, but honestly it wasn’t so bad. ?

AmpMe and the beach ? ? ☀️ ?

The days we chilled on the beach were filled with some favorite mixes spun on AmpMe. I brought my bluetooth speaker which we had a great time syncing with both of our phones. The looks on people’s faces when they realized how we were playing our music was priceless. ?

Throwback to the time @shayzilda and I rocked some @ampmeapp in Playa Del Carmen

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Check this place out! (Shhh! Don’t tell too many people! ?)

Definitely go here. This town is super cool and has a bit for everyone. The nightlife is amazing. Let’s just say that I’m definitely gonna go back for BPM soon to dance in paradise to some of the best electronic musicians on the planet.

Lastly, I would like to give big thanks to @MLA & @AmpMe for allowing us to make this memory of a lifetime. It’s something we will never forget. Cheers to that!

-Josh Camire 

UX/UI Designer 

-Oh, wanna hear what we listened to? Here’s some of my favorite mixes that kept us grooving on the beach.