The Guy That Makes Everything Look Good

Josh Designer AmpMe Jobs


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Meet Josh; our House lovin’, Heady Topper drinkin’, after-hour dancing, Vermonter, UI/UX Designer extraordinaire a.k.a. “The Guy That Makes Things Look Good”. Not only does he make everything look awesome, but he’s also a total inclusivity champion. He’s always looking to make sure that each voice gets heard and  that everyone feels included in his multifaceted work (even when it’s tough). He’s super attentive, a great listener, an awesome communicator, and he’s a very thoughtful person. He’s an easy-going guy that loves music and is driven by the power of music. This guy lives and breathes music. It was only natural to have him onboard. Although he’s only been here for three and a half months, he’s definitely left an indelible mark on all of our hearts, as well as our users’ hearts through his mindful design and carefully crafted creations. ❤️ He’s always got a vibrant perspective to bring to his designs which really brings them to life in unique ways. Josh’s work speaks for itself… It’s fun, free-spirited, inspirational, and very alive. (Take a peek at his Dribble to see for yourself. ?)

When he’s not busy making things look good, he enjoys listening to songs on repeat; over and over again. As a matter of fact, he sometimes listens to Ariana Grande so often that he literally drives his girlfriend crazy!! But then he stops, ’cause she starts getting a little scary. ? (Can’t say I blame her… you know that annoying song where she whistles. #PleaseStop #NoMeansNo #EnoughIsEnough) Anyways, enough with the nonsense; let’s get back to business…

(Please note that our designer did not create the graphics below and that he is not responsible for the Photoshop mishaps involved in the image below, should there be any. ?)

Josh Designer AmpMe Jobs

? Over to you, Josh! Why AmpMe?

I’ve known about AmpMe since before it launched as I had worked with Martin-Luc at his previous startup, SPOTR. I noticed that the team was looking for a designer and pinged CTO André-Philippe to catch up and see if there could be a potential fit. It started to seem pretty interesting to me, and once I met more of the team I immediately saw how strong they were. The vision was there and I know I would have a lot of creative control over what I do and that was very exciting. Music is also a huge part of my life and I was very excited to be working on a product that put this passion at the forefront of what I work on every day.

What is it like to be a Designer at AmpMe? What tasks and/or challenges do you face on a daily basis?

I’m working with a passionate team of about 15 people designing both the product as well as building our visual identity across everything we put out. As the work I do is very visual, EVERYONE has strong opinions. One of my favorite things about this though is listening as much as I can and channeling all of that feedback into the work I do. It’s massively exciting and always presents an interesting challenge in digesting and growing from that work.

What inspires you most about your work as a designer?

I’m absolutely blessed to be working in something that I love doing. I’ve always drawn and been an artistic person. What’s inspiring is the daily personal growth I get from the job and the reward of taking ideas and turning them into reality. It makes me want to grow and learn constantly.

How do you feel AmpMe will impact the world?

I believe in the power of music. I believe we’re revolutionizing how people will consume music together. Music is the answer.

What are the top 5 perks about life at AmpMe?

An awesome team, great work life, great office environment, and working daily at a job that’s dynamically challenging and rewarding.

Imagine the team is a box of coloring crayons. What color would you be and why?

Probably Mahogany, but maybe Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown cause that name’s hilarious. ? (See Crayola listing for Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown here.)

What advice would you have for anyone looking to work at AmpMe?

Be yourself, be chill, work hard, play hard!

Tell me about one of your fave AmpMe moments or memories:

Presenting designs for the next evolution of AmpMe, first to the entire team, and then the board of directors, followed by an awesome 1 year AmpMe anniversary party and then immediately flying out to Mexico with my girlfriend as a part of the recruitment perks. That blitz was a culmination of a lot of the hard work I had been doing the previous two months combined with a great time getting to know the team better and then finally recharging on the beach. ?

What’s the most interesting thing about you that we wouldn’t learn from your resume alone?

I absolutely love to dance. I’ve been told I’m pretty good at it. (Yes. It’s true… We have proof! See photo above.)

Words to live by… 

I always live by three pillars I learned from a mentor a long time ago: Do what’s right, treat others how you want to be treated, and do the best that you can. Anything I do in life I try and ask myself if it lives up to all three of these. ??

Biggest pet peeve: That stupid Ariana Grande song with the whistles. (Seriously Mic there are other songs on the planet. ?)

Open your phone up. What’s the last song you listened to? Angel Moraes’ A Stereo Tribute ❤️

Best dance move: The circle-punch. Haha! ??

Josh Designer AmpMe Jobs


You see… Josh is simply awesome. There’s no other way to put it. We all appreciate Josh’s hard work and dedication. We believe in his amazing design skills and we know that he will help us achieve something great. Josh was destined to be part of the AmpMe team. ? 

“Josh is all about inclusivity and authenticity. I have so much respect for him and his work as I know that he takes tremendous care in even the smallest of details that go into his work. I strongly believe that his attentiveness and mindfulness are true assets to our team. I love that he’s both calm and energetic. He really brings a great vibe to the office. It’s really great to work with you, Josh. Much respect! ?? ” – Samantha B.

”Master of design. King of UX. But it’s his good vibes that are the real prize. I’m constantly impressed by his work ethic. Diligently balancing fun with the productive grind. It’s a real blast working together.” – Vaughn D.

”This dude is the definition of having passion for what you do! Restless to achieve perfection and enjoys every single click of the way.” – Ali K.

“No one sports the stache as well as our design wiz, Josh. Josh’s knowledge of music and keen design intuition make him an invaluable asset to the AmpMe team.” – Philippe D.

”Josh is one of the coolest guys I know. ? His energy is infectious, he is passionate about his job and he is a real pleasure to work with.” – Riana T.

”I really like working with Josh. He’s calm, and whenever he speaks it’s because he has something interesting to say. He’s also funny, and above all he likes good beer! Cheers Josh! ?” – Keith B.

”Josh is the best designer I’ve ever met. He is always happy, laughing and asking for everyone’s opinion to include all of us on the design decisions. He is an amazing designer and hard worker. He has crazy ideas and originality, and I love how he manages to expresses what the team’s feedback on a simple piece of paper or an intricate mockup. Truth be told… ever since Josh has left my side and been seated elsewhere in the office, he can’t work as efficiently. Let’s face it… He has lost his main source of inspiration. He’s going to have to learn to get over it though. ? I miss you too!!! ?” – Marc G.

”I’ve known Josh for the past 3 years, and man, what an amazing guy from Vermont he is! Always ready for new challenges and tasty toppers!” – Florent V.

”To state the obvious, Josh’s work is incredible. But getting to know the mind behind it, is something a fortunate few get to see. His creativity and views on art are captivating, whether it’s in music or any of its other forms. Not only do I share his love and respect for music but also the importance he gives it. We’re very lucky to have him! Lastly, he’s the greatest Dudical of all Dudicals! (He’ll know what that means. ?)” – Mahdi K.

“Josh is an excellent designer who combines his ideas with the feedback from the team, and turns it into a beautiful product that we’re all proud of. He’s very fun to work with and he’s always ready to laugh at my unconventional humour. ?” – Andre-Philippe P.

”Joshi (aka Josh) is my favourite Smash Bros Yoshi partner. He knows how to win but he is way better at killing himself in the finals. On a more serious note, we don’t need to be serious with him. He is an awesome designer and a very funny person. Go Joshi Go!” – Michael M.