Marc, Our Super Awesome Jack of All Trades!

Marc AmpMe Jobs

Marc, or shall I say Marc-Antoine (yes, that’s really his full name). Caring, smart, thoughtful, analytical, funny, and just a tad shy… Marc is really an awesome guy! He’s passionate about sailing, highly involved in the local startup scene, a fan of Simon and Garfunkel, N.W.A., The Offspring, and Jean Leloup, and he’s not really a Superhero kinda guy. Interestingly enough, if this guy had a million dollars he’d help other startups. Or, he just might try to sail solo across the Atlantic Ocean or order a lifetime supply of tartar and risotto.

Since Marc has joined AmpMe a little over a year ago, his role within our team has changed. Nowadays, he’s our Talent Acquisition expert, but he does a lot more than that at AmpMe. He’s like our super awesome Jack of All Trades. Apart from recruiting, he does some Q/A, helps the dev guys with code reviewing, helps with events, marketing and more… This guy’s all about multi-tasking and he’s always willing to jump in and help anyone who needs a hand. He’s versatile and agile, not to mention he’s got some good musical tastes. ?

Marc AmpMe Jobs

Go ahead, Marc. Tell ’em all about AmpMe! ?

I first heard about AmpMe back in May or June 2015 through a family member. At the time, I thought that phones had shitty speakers, so I thought that the concept wasn’t such a bad idea. Until my friend Keith, who was hired as a PM at AmpMe, showed the result in late July. I was amazed! Keith kept me updated about the project and it kept nurturing my curiosity. I was driven by the technical challenge that we were solving and hungry for more. In late August, Keith informed me that they were looking to hire somebody for the Q/A position and I eagerly jumped at the opportunity. I canceled the University classes I had registered for that semester and jumped in with both feet. I was all in, like the rest of the team.

1. What’s your job title at AmpMe: Undefinedbut I do recruiting.

2. What is it like to be ”Undefined” at AmpMe?

When I am not interviewing people, sourcing talent or managing relationships with recruiting agencies, I try to keep myself close to the product in any way I can.

3. What is it like to work with a seasoned entrepreneur like Martin-Luc Archambault?

It is always cool to work with someone who has a lot more experience than you. Secretly, I try to break down every business decision he makes to have a better understanding and learn.

4. What have you learned from working at AmpMe? 

I improved my technical knowledge, like a lot (a lot)!

5. What’s the coolest thing about working at AmpMe? The challenges.

6. What’s the toughest thing about working at AmpMe? The challenges. Hard is fun!

7. What’s something that you’ve learned about yourself from working at AmpMe?

That I like to take showers with my clothes on!

8. How does AmpMe compare to other startups?

As a company, I’d say we are pretty unique. As a team, we are lucky to be one of the best out there.

9. Something you’re proud to have accomplished at AmpMe.

My learnings in general. In the past year, I’ve worked on so many different tasks that I had never done before. I’m always looking to learn more and I’m always up for a good challenge.

10. Tell me about one of your fave AmpMe moments or memories:

The Launch! It was the first time that I had been behind the scenes of a product launch. To see those downloads climbing like crazy was just insane for me. I was literally mind-blown.

11. Words to live by: Everything can be changed.

* * * Bonus Question * * *

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

My lawyer advised me not to answer this question, but I guess my backcountry skiing trip when we slept in the middle of the mountains qualifies as crazy for some people.

Marc AmpMe Jobs

You see, Marc is pretty cool and we’re all happy to have him be a part of our team. Here’s what everyone has to say… 

“Marc is the definition of the type of guy you want working at your startup. He’s incredibly versatile and is always willing to help out. He has a tremendous thirst for knowledge and is not afraid to tell it like it is. It’s great working with him as he truly lives and breathes the startup way of life!” – Philippe D.

“Very friendly, intelligent and funny. I also experienced a very streamlined HR on-boarding process!” – Mitch R.

“Marc, what a wonderful name! ? Now, I always turn my head when someone call his name in the office. ? He is able to do everything. From interviews and administration tasks, jumping to QA, and even doing some code review! Always attentive and ready to help. It’s a pity he is not in the Montreal offices.” – Marc G.

“When I heard that Marc was interested in joining AmpMe, I was thrilled. Marc is truly an amazing colleague to have. He is dedicated, hard-working, and he’s ready to do what it takes to ensure the success of our startup. He’s smart, versatile, and always has a positive attitude. I’m lucky to have such a reliable team mate, like him. It’s always a pleasure to work with him.” – Keith B.

“Marc has a huge passion for start ups (think it runs in the family) and he’s willing to do anything to move the company forward. He started off in QA to make sure our app was at 100% and now he’s growing our team like never before! Definitely a champ!” – Ali K.

“Marc is the guy that brings the team together (literally)! He basically greases the wheels so that every cog in AmpMe can work.” – Josh C.

“Marc is truly an amazing person. Not only is he hard-working and dedicated, but he’s also got a caring side that makes each person he connects with feel valued. It’s really great to work by his side on a daily basis as he’s a real team player. Marc is the type of person that will readily jump in to help his colleagues, regardless of the task. In the short time that I’ve been at AmpMe, I’ve already learned a great deal from him and look forward to learning some more. ?” – Samantha B.