Meet Camila, our new community manager 👩🏻‍💻⚡️

She is obsessed with watermelon, can spin fire, loves bikes and is a true globetrotter – meet Camila, the friendliest Colombian and our new community manager 🙌 Oh! I almost forgot, she is also an amazing photographer 📷

Camila was living in New York city when she first heard of AmpMe! What happened next was very predictable – she fell in love with our awesome team and vision… and you guessed it… moved to Montreal 😀 💃!!!

Over to you Camila!

Being a photographer means you can use the power of images to communicate. There is something universal about images – they break down barriers and boundaries that languages have long held. That is why I love photography and always wanted to use my passion for something more than my own practice. When I found out AmpMe was looking for a community manager, I was interested, but never thought it would end up being the perfect job!

As AmpMe’s Community Manager, I can use my passion for photography and videography to communicate with people, bring ideas to live, and most importantly, I get to establish a relationship with our users by understanding their suggestions/ideas and communicating with the rest of the team to make those happen!

As if turning my passion into a living wasn’t enough, AmpMe sent me on a one week paid vacation with a +1!! Crazy right?! 😮

Since I just got back from the most amazing trip, I thought I would share with you guys the highlights of my vacation!

I travelled to Vienna and made my way to Prague through blueberry forests, meadows and mountains!

Made it to Vienna! City of cultural charm and imperial sights!


Took some time to visit the Museum Quarter, and enjoyed walking around discovering this magnificent city.


Two days of city tourism and I was ready to start walking. We made our way to the town of Telč, located in the southwest tip of Moravia.



On the way, we encountered yellow fields, lakes, and magical forests…It was surreal!


Made it to Tábor, a town founded as an egalitarian peasant commune in the 15th century! Who knew 😯


Surprises along the way! On our way to Cêsky Krumlov 🙃 Straight up a fairytale town!


Cheers! or Nasdravi in Czech –> Last stop Prague!


We walked for 7 days, stayed in small towns, ate traditional foods, and learned so much! 🙌 🙏


So thank you AmpMe! One more wonderful experience under my belt and renewed energy to take on the world! Sync up and play music louder ya’ll!