Meet David, our kick-ass CFO!

MEET DAVID: Our kick-ass CFO!

Entrepreneur, confident, accomplished, hard-working, perseverant are all words that describe David incredibly well! As conservative as he can be in his work ethics, David has a funky side… A.K.A his funky socks! You will not see him wearing a suit without his funny, colourful and very original socks. 

Although David is only 24, he has one hell of a resume. His motto high expectations are the key to everything & his mission to change the world just show you how awesome he is! Nothing stays undone with him… he is always on top of everything! In fact, his greatest fear is lacking challenge both in his professional and personal life.

Enough with the intro, time for him to tell us how he heard of AmpMe!

When I was Martin-Luc’s investment director, he called me one evening and told me: “David, I’ve got 1 good news and 1 bad news”. Then I told him: “Well, what’s the good news!?” He replied: “I have an 8M$ USD term sheet on the table for AmpMe! The bad news is I don’t have a CFO. Would that fit somewhere in your schedule?” I then said: “You know what Marty, I’m in!”.  That is how it all started!

When did you join AmpMe?

February 2016

Why the startup world?

The startup world is much more thrilling and exciting than the traditional corporate world. As a finance graduate, I didn’t want to be stuck in a job that would not challenge me enough. In the startup world, you work hard, but also play harder! The flexibility you get and the freedom you have are absolutely incredible. I also love the fact that every day is different for me, I do not have a routine and therefore, I do not get bored!

What does a day in your life as CFO at AmpMe look like?

There is no typical day at AmpMe for me 😜 I prepare/review budgets and financial statements, approve payments, prepare board meetings, take part in strategic meetings, manage shareholders relationships and fundraising, etc.

What is it like to work with a Dragon?

It is very stimulating to work with a guy like Martin-Luc who is well connected and who can easily and quickly open different doors. Working in this environment makes me learn something new every single day.

What do you like most about working at AmpMe?

The super challenging environment as well as being surrounded by extremely smart A-team players.

If you were the CEO of AmpMe, name one thing you would make compulsory in the office and one thing you would ban in the office.

Make compulsory: Teamwork  

Ban: Lazyness

What is your favourite moment/memory at AmpMe?

The parties with the team!


Digging further…

Favourite song at the moment?

Headlines (Drake)

If you could only drink 1 beverage for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Champagne (Be careful Dave… if you read Riana’s blog post, you might get what we mean 😉)

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

CEO of a highly disruptive startup that is going to change the world.   

If we were to ask your teammates to describe you in 3 words, what would they be?

Closer, persistant and confident.

Time to ask his teammates and see if he was right 😉

Martin-Luc: “Wants to learn, will not give up, and he’s one of the few people I know that actually knows what execution really means. He thinks big, gets things done on time and in a professional way!”

So far so good! Even if that wasn’t in three words, that was pretty much persistant, closer and learner!

Marie-France: “I just need two … Ari Gold!!!”

Ari Gold
Keith: “🤑”

Ali: “Focused, Determined, Responsible”

Riana: “Intelligent, Ambitious, Party Animal 😝”

Well well, we’re happy to confirm you’re not just confident, but also very accurate 😉