Meet Fred: AmpMe’s Product Manager

Meet Fred, AmpMe’s Product Manager! Fred is part of the team responsible for adding in some of our favourite features (chat, anybody?!) and keeping the app . At AmpMe, we all know and love Fred for his great sense of humour and the silly shenanigans hes always getting himself into (see Borat suit below). Meet Fred:

Name: Fred Chenevert

Position: Product Manager

When you started: Feb 2017

Where are you from: Montreal

Favourite Emoji:


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Something that people would be surprised to know about you:

Sometimes I like to go skiing in my swimsuit #verynice #sorrymom

Spotify Playlist: Deep House

If you could hang out with one musical artist, who would it be and why:

Besides Bieber hmmm, I would say the DJ and music producer Markus Schulz. One of my best friends is a DJ and he introduced me to the world of electronic music six years ago. We have since gone to many shows, but my first time at Stereo (here in Montreal) to see Markus, which was definitely a highlight! His performance was amazing and we danced until 8am, which was one hell of a workout! I would love to have a chat with Markus about the whole process of producing a track.

A little about Fred:

Before joining AmpMe, I was an entrepreneur and had co-founded a few businesses, some of them being apps. I absolutely love the thrill of envisioning a product that will solve one big pain, and then putting it on the market.

I also really enjoy helping startups. I have mentored around 50 startup founders at District 3, Concordia University Hub. I love to learn, help others, and give back.

When I am not working, I love to hit the slopes. Ive been skiing my whole life, and competed for 13 years growing up. I usually ski at St-Sauveur, since my parents have a cottage nearby, but I always go once a year at Le Massif, because the view and the snow conditions are the best you can get in Quebec.

And yes, once every month I have to hit the dance floor. Its crazy what music does!!

Freds life philosophy?

Dream, plan, execute, repeat.

A Day in the life of the Product Manager at AmpMe:

I spend a lot of time with Josh, AmpMes UX/UI Designer, and Chris, the Product Owner.

My day usually consists of:

  • Aligning the vision of the app
  • Deciding what features we want to add
  • Understanding the type of experience users will have in the app
  • Establishing a roadmap that gets AmpMe to achieve that vision
  • Planning the steps needed to get there
  • Working with our data scientists to analyse the performance of new features
  • Planning future steps we need to take to make our app even better

Why AmpMe:

AmpMe has a bold vision of a new social music player that inspires me. But, most of all its the incredible team! Being surrounded by such talented and good people brings out the best in me — I get to learn everyday and always have fun doing it.

The AmpMe Team at the Montreal 375 event!

A highlight from your time at AmpMe so far:

The Montreal 375 show by the bridge was a major highlight. It was a big test for our technology since we hadnt tested syncing 25,ooo devices before. When I saw that the technology AmpMe had build was limitless, and that we can sync thousands of devices at the same time, I was simply amazed. Thats when I realized the full potential of our app. Our users can really bring the music into the streets and turn the world into a dance floor!

Thousands of people syncing up!


When AmpMe hires a new employee, we send them on vacation! Its a perk we offer to help get our new team members head in the game and clear their mind so that they can focus on the challenge ahead

In June, Caro, my girlfriend, and I went on the most insane roadtrip in the rockies! We flew into Calgary and rented a RV for 10 days. We visited Jasper, Lac Louise, and Banff. (Bonus! It was perfect timing because the park pass entry was free of charge as it was the 150th anniversary of Canada.)

Just driving through the rockies felt awesome. First, because you are surrounded by mountains, and second, we never saw one advertisement in the National Park which is 500km long! Its weird to say that but we felt like we were completely in the wild!

Everyday was a different adventure – we got to hike a mountain a day and slept wherever we wanted to.

Fred and Caro at the Athabasca glacier, Alberta!

Caro in front of the RV in Banff!

Fred showing his flexibility at Peyto Lake, Banff

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