Meet Mahdi: AmpMe’s Marketing Campaign Manager 🌙

Meet Mahdi, AmpMe’s first Campaign Manager and Growth Hacker extraordinaire. You can often find him sipping on an icecap or sharing his catch phrase: “Don’t get lost in the sauce.” He’s known for digging into the data and has helped AmpMe grow from 1M to 7.5M users in less than two years. Pretty impressive, right? 😉  Meet Mahdi:

Name: Mahdi Khadjavi

Position: Campaign Manager

Connect on LinkedIn:

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When you started: February 2016

Where are you from: 📍 Montreal, Canada

Favourite Emoji: 🌙

Motto: “Ego Is The Enemy”

My Favorite Song At The Moment: Trash Tongue Talker by Jack White

How did you get started at AmpMe and what do you do? 

Ali, VP of Marketing and Growth (who also happens to be my brother), was helping Marty with marketing and making a killer growth hack strategy and he needed my help! I thought the project was out of this world and… what are brothers for?! 😂 Ali had to convince me to work 7 on 7, but now that we have a bigger team its a lot less intense, at least most of the time 😁  Today, I work on:

  • Work with influencers,
  • Coordinate and manage campaigns,
  • Leveraging insights from the data analytics team,
  • Liaise with the Brazil and India growth teams,
  • Assist with creative direction and production of social media campaigns, and
  • Help with recruitment for the growth and marketing team in the Montreal office.

Fun fact about Mahdi:

I love art…no matter what form it takes. I am fascinated by the importance of expression and how it affects society consciously or unconsciously. I don’t want to imagine a world without it.

Why AmpMe?

To be able to work at a company that’s based on music is a wonderful thing; the team really lives and breathes it. Also, it has a dynamic that speaks to me: “work hard, play hard.” That’s definitely the vibe here and one that suits me well.

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 1.29.49 PM

Here’s the team playing hard😂:: Yan, Baptiste, G, Yannick and Mahdi playing Fifa 

What’s it like working with the Growth & Marketing Team?

The growth team is awesome. We now have teams in Brazil and India–the Montreal office has expanded to a group of six people working on campaigns, social media, inbound marketing, PR, and production. I’ve been fortunate to attend Vidcon, in L.A., and immerse myself in influencer marketing. When I look back to last February and see how far we’ve come as a company, it’s amazing. I feel blessed!

What’s a WOW moment you’ve had at AmpMe?

Hitting 7M downloads was pretty crazy, but I get to have WOW moments often as I get to witness continuous growth and product innovation.

A highlight from your time at AmpMe so far?

A great moment to witness was when we created a video with instagram influencer, Wuz Good, called the Magic Lit Bus. Check it out below 👇

We posted the promo video on Wuz Good’s instagram page; after that we redistributed it on another instagram account, which did not have a huge following at the time, about 70K.  We were able to leverage a page that had 70K followers and apply viral growth tactics to ultimately achieve more than 1M views.  It was a major breakthrough for us knowing that we could get more than 10x the views, given the number of followers.

Also, the production trips to LA have been pretty awesome as well. Check out some of the highlights from our last trip in September.

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 9.33.17 AM

Rodney, Mahdi and Eric

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 9.32.56 AM

Taylor Hatala, Reese Hatala, Mane, Ali, and Mahdi 

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