We’re Now Giving Artists a New Platform 🔊👩‍🎤👨‍🎤🔊

AmpMe has big news for the music world, we’re giving artists a platform to kick off their music career! Now that AmpMe can support HUGE parties, our platform is primed to help artists connect with their fans, share their new music and host massive parties.

We’re thrilled to support musicians and influencers that want to create the ultimate social-music experience with the help of AmpMe. This means we’ll be hosting more parties (DJ’d by your favourite stars of course), debuting new music from emerging artists, and connecting listeners who share the same music tastes, across the world!

Today, social media influencer,  Nicole Arbour debuted her new song and music video, Show Me How you Werk. You can watch the music video, listen to her new song and get to the know others in the party with AmpMe chat.

To join the party, open the app and look for Nicole Arbour

Next, join the party and chat with your fellow party members!

Are you an artist looking to distribute your music on a different platform? If so, get in touch with us at marketing@ampme.com.

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