Sync Up All Your Bluetooth Speakers With AmpMe

AmpMe is excited to announce its latest feature — Bluetooth speaker syncing

That’s right! AmpMe figured out a way to step up its game. Whether you’re an Android or iOS user, you will now be able to not only sync up your phones, but also your Bluetooth speakers!


AmpMe’s mission is to create the world’s most portable sound system! Back in August 2014, our goal was to find a way to successfully sync music on multiple phones. AmpMe has then integrated tablets, added new music sources, and now new kinds of devices!

Steps to Sync Bluetooth Speakers Together to Party Louder than Ever

👉 Start an AmpMe party by syncing mobile devices (Android/iOS) to the AmpMe app (Download for free on Android and iOS user!)

👉 Connect any brand of Bluetooth speakers to a mobile device that has already joined an AmpMe party

After that, you’re all set! You can go ahead and Amp it up!