Say Hi to Ali, Lead Hustler!

 Meet Ali a.k.a Kadavi a.k.a KD Extravert, hustler, social butterfly, kind, smiley, prankster, helpful, determined… All of these adjectives  describe Ali. Word on the street is, if you haven’t heard about Ali, you ain’t been on the street. Even Kevin Hart, knows Ali. This guy hustles so hard, he don’t even take time to sleep. […]

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Meet Keith! AmpMe’s Real O.G.

Meet Keith  a.k.a our super awesome AmpMe Project Manager!   ? ? ? a.k.a  AmpMe’s “real” O.G. ? ? ?   If you’re into punk music, tech and/or entrepreneurship, chances are you’ve bumped into Keith somewhere down the line. Not only has he been with AmpMe since its early beginnings, in July of 2015, but in his free time he is heavily involved […]

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