It’s Turkey Time! 🇺🇸🦃🍽

It’s that time of year again! Happy *gobble gobble* Thanksgiving 🦃 😁

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This week is all about turkey, family, football, parades and unbuckling your belt after the feast is over.  Getting through the holiday can be a challenge with your Uncle’s crazy rants, your Mom’s incessant questioning and Dad’s need for quiet.  AmpMe is here to help you through the holiday — we’ve put together an epic ‘Turkey Tune’ playlist for you 😂  Your guests will thank you 😏😇

🦃  Thanksgiving Playlist 🦃

After the gorging is done, can’t forget about Black Friday. As you prepare to fight off the hordes, we’ve got the playlist to get you pumped to throw down and save 🤑.

💸 ⚫️ Black  Friday Playlist ⚫️ 💸

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