Work at AmpMe and We’ll Send You on Vacation; Before You Even Start!

How about a nice vacay down South?!

Let’s face it; music brings people together. It connects people in indescribable ways, and that’s what makes AmpMe such a tight-knit team. We’re a bunch of tech/startup geeks who are passionate about sharing music with the world. We work hard and play harder. We’ve been working so hard, that we’re currently looking to grow our team. We’re looking for A-game players with a passion for music, tech, and startup culture. If you think that you’d be a great fit for our team, we’re willing to send you on a relaxing vacation before you begin your first day of work! (No, you’re not dreaming…) How’s that for a first day?

Get hired at AmpMe and we’ll send you on a nice, relaxing, all-inclusive vacation down South*.

The same clause applies if you happen to know of somebody who would be a perfect addition to our AmpMe fam. Refer somebody and we’ll send both of you on vacation! (If they’re hired, of course!)

Why? The reason we’re willing to send our latest hire on vacation before they even begin working with us is that we want to make sure that they’re well-rested and ready-to-go!

Let’s be honest; working at AmpMe is tough. Sure, the perks are awesome; we work in an amazing office where an endless supply of fresh fruit, water and beer are on tap, we play with the VR console when our brains need a little break, and we have a beautifully decorated lounge to chill in. Did we mention that we attend awesome music and tech-related events, across the globe? (Well, now you know.) Oh, and our team only happens to be led by Angel Investor, Martin-Luc Archambault, which you might recognize from Quebec’s hit tv show, Dans L’oeil du Dragon. 😉 (Just sayin’…)

This being said, to join the AmpMe ranks you must show us that you’re ready to pull up those sleeves and get to work. We want experienced team players who know how to change the game. We want people who can be creative, committed to continuous learning and attentive to detail. Quality is of utmost importance to us.

Think you got what it takes? You just might be a fit; check it out.

We’re currently looking for an awesome:

If you, or somebody you know, checks all of these boxes, give us a shout, so that we can treat you to a nice vacation down South. Help us spread the word! If you help us find that hidden gem, we’ll send you on vacation, too!

* If an all-expenses paid vacation down South (valued at up to $2,500.00 CAD) doesn’t happen to suit your fancy, we’re willing to give you the option of taking the $2,500.00 CAD cash lump sum. (Yeah…We’re awesome like that!). 😉 Please note that certain restrictions and conditions may apply. Further details regarding this offer will be provided during the interview process. Good luck!