The world of updates ✌️

We are committed to delivering the best experience to you! 👊

AmpMe is not only an app that uses revolutionary syncing technology — I mean we are pretty awesome at that — but what makes this app so great is that it encourages us to embrace the tech driven world we live in while remaining connected in real life! Awesome right? 

Let’s kick off the summer on a high note together! ☀️ 🎶
Apart from our dope new look
! Thanks Josh 😉 We thought you shouldn’t spend precious party time explaining to your peeps how to turn up 👇


And because we 💙 our diverse user base, we have now introduced the user profile! I mean, it’s the perfect update to enhance your presence at the party! Am I right?? You get to show off your music and put a face to it  😎


You see, although blasting music on your own is great, liberating and highly encouraged, there is nothing better than sharing the music that you love with your friends.  The louder the better of course. AmpMe is all about that party jam!

So if you haven’t already, download AmpMe and get ready to experience sound in the best possible way 😬